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How to install artificial turf?

03.27 2018

For the regular sports venues, artificial turf construction is one of the important links in ensuring the quality of the venues. Therefore, we still recommend that professional construction teams perform artificial turf construction. However, such as kindergartens, or their own yard, balcony and other more casual occasions, the artificial turf construction steps are relatively simple, you can install it by yourself.

Artificial turf is mostly sold in widths of 4 meters. No matter what the venue is, the proper design must be done beforehand to reduce the waste of artificial turf. A small number of lawns can be transported by courier. If the number of meters is large, generally transport by sea and the cost is more affordable.


Artificial turf construction environment: The temperature should be above 5 °C, and try to choose dry and sunny weather, and should not be constructed during rainy days or Meiyu period. The wet environment will affect the use of glue.


Artificial turf construction foundation: Cement and asphalt ground are the best. The compacted soil can also be used to cover artificial turf, but it must be flat and dry, free from unevenness or damage, and remove all debris. Outdoor venues are best equipped with drainage measures.


Artificial turf construction admission: artificial turf is generally shipped in rolls, so it will inevitably be pulled up and squeezed, so when the turf arrives, you need to open the open air for about a day, let it stretch naturally, calm down, pay attention to the direction of grass Need to be consistent.


Artificial turf construction paving: Put the artificial turf on the lawn according to the design plan that has been done before, and pay attention to the joints to be seamless or slightly overlapping, and then use a knife to cut open the joints to ensure tight joints; Roll up on both sides, and place the seam in the middle of the bottom, and apply a proper amount of glue to the back of the lawn and the joint cloth. When the glue is allowed to dry to the point where it is not sticky, then the lawn and the joint cloth are pressed together. Note the lawn Leave no gaps, then tread down with your feet.


After the construction of the artificial turf is completed, the site is inspected and cleared, and problems are repaired in a timely manner. SKYJADE provides comprehensive pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. Customers have questions about the construction of artificial turf and can consult with business personnel at any time.

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