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How to clean up the artificial turf and how to clean up the tennis court

04.03 2018

How to clean up the artificial turf? Tennis court fake turf how to clean up? What if the artificial turf on the Tennis court is dirty? Is there any better way to clean up? Like tennis players do not worry Oh, the following by SKYJADE for everyone to detail about the tennis court artificial lawn cleaning problem!


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How to clean up the artificial turf? Tennis court fake turf how to clean up?

The cleaning of artificial turf is different from natural turf. Compared with the tedious and time-consuming maintenance of natural turf, the maintenance of artificial turf tennis courts is much easier. We can grasp some tips in the maintenance and use of artificial turf tennis courts. Not only can the tennis sports venues maintain sports performance, increase comfort, but also can extend the service life of the turf to a certain extent. To date, there are three basic types of artificial turf: no sand, artificial turf, filled granules, artificial turf, and natural artificial turf. The conservation of artificial turf is simpler than natural turf. In general, the artificial lawn should be cleaned every week to ensure that the stems are upright and the gravel is uniform.

The use of domestic tennis flooring materials is mostly PVC and acrylic. With the development of the artificial turf industry, the unique advantages of artificial turf make use of artificial turf paving grounds in various sports venues. The use of artificial turf for tennis court materials, acrylic or PVC paving has become a difficult choice for people. Here, Witten Lawn recommends that you choose tennis court artificial turf! Tennis court site material used artificial turf to reduce the degree of physical harm. Artificial turf grass is soft, the higher the grass height, the lawn is softer; the lawn is soft and improves the jumping ability; timely reduce the athlete's degree of sprains and injuries in the process of catching the ball, and the artificial straw has the excellent standing effect and is resistant to trampling. Not easily deformed; at the same time, artificial turf wears resistance.

So, how to clean up tennis court lawn? Look what are the fruit skins. If you can't sweep the ground, pick them up.  If nail polish sticks to it, you can wash it with a liquid that polishes nail polish. Paints, coatings, etc. may be wiped with turpentine or paint remover and cleaned with detergent and water. Rinse the cleaner with cold water and wipe it vigorously. Generally, there are few things that can't be wiped off on the lawn, and you don't need to wash it often with a cleaning agent. If you find it dirty, you can really wash it.

Artificial turf is now widely used, but it is also a problem if it is cleaned properly. If the lawn is stained, we first scrub the artificial turf with soapy water, and then rinse thoroughly with water where there is fertilizer; if necessary, use a water-absorbing towel to dry. If there is shoe polish, sunscreen, ballpoint pen oil, etc., can be wiped with sponge perchloroethylene, with a strong suction towel dry. If have any fruit peel, you should pick it up. If only have the dust, you can simply sweep it. Paraffin, asphalt, and asphalt are wiped directly or rubbed with the sponge to wipe with perchloroethylene. If chewing gum sticks above, use Freon to spray into small pieces and remove the residue.


If it is pure dust, then natural rainwater can be cleaned. However, although artificial turf grounds are generally prohibited from throwing debris, it is inevitable that various types of garbage will be generated during actual use. Therefore, the maintenance of football fields must include regular cleaning. Shredded crumbs and other lightweight trash can be handled with a suitable vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can use a brush to remove excess trash, taking care not to affect the filler particles.

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