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Why do we choose non-infill artificial football lawn?

04.10 2018

The non-infill artificial football turf does not need to be filled with quartz sand and rubber granules, which can avoid the cumbersome of filling rubber granules, the inconvenience in use, and the resulting safety uncertainty. The non-infill artificial football lawn is a development direction of the artificial football lawn in the future.

It is not uncommon to complain about rubber granules filled with artificial football lawns. Some say that has a bad smell, especially at high temperatures. Some say that the clothes and the shoes after the kick is all black particles, and some say that the granules are too hard so that the feeling of kick the ball is very poor ... ... the traditional football grass must be filled with granules to maintain the upright grass, increase flexibility, reduce the risk of injury.

 The rubber granule itself is not a problem, but in the mixed market, it is unavoidable that there are a few bad practitioners, who are driven by profit, they use inferior and cheap materials to shoddy, so that for many years the “toxic runway” and “toxic turf” have been repeatedly Exposure, repeated prohibition, and behind this, I don't know how many children are hurt. The research of the development of non-infill artificial football lawn is based on safety, environmental protection, and green, giving children a healthy sports growth environment.

In addition, domestic turf paving has some moisture content in the filling of granules, and the normal rubber particle filling amount is 6-8 kg/m2, but sometimes this standard cannot be achieved in practical operation. Obviously, the insufficient filling of rubber granules and the excessively thin filling layer make the site less elastic and can’t reach the protection function. Even kicking of quartz sand occurs when kicking the ball. Non-infill artificial football turf can be perfectly avoided.

One problem that we must face squarely is that good artificial turfs and general artificial turfs and poor artificial turfs will have great differences in safety, effectiveness, and service life. SKYJADE free artificial football turf system has special requirements for every step of the lawn, backing, back glue, seaming tape, glue, shock pad. It is regarded as the artificial turf closest to the real grass soccer field in the industry.

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