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Why do we choose indoor artificial grass carpet?

04.24 2018

Artificial turf carpets are emerging members of the carpeted family. Reasonable application of carpets in home decoration can not only play a role in beautifying, creating a soft and warm indoor environment but also can play the role of sound absorption and noise reduction. Artificial turf carpets can also be used in homes, office buildings, commercial shops, and other indoor places.


The floor covering materials we often use include marble, tiles, wooden floors, etc. The carpet is also a common indoor floor covering material. In contrast, the carpet does increase some costs in addition to purchasing and paving. , But its texture is generally soft, walking comfort is not easy to fall, color patterns can be selected at random, and more by a variety of fiber weaving, not only insulation but also has sound-absorbing and sound insulation.


In addition to artificial turf carpets, carpets can be roughly divided into pure wool carpets, chemical fiber carpets, and plastic carpets. The pure wool rug is a high-end product in carpets. It does have good performance in terms of softness, elasticity, and warmth, but it has poor insect and moisture resistance, is easy to grow bacteria, and it is expensive and difficult to care for; carpets for chemical fiber are generally used for decoration. When the ground is protected, the static electricity of the carpet itself and the characteristics of the adsorbed dust make it not suitable for daily use; the plastic carpet is slippery, thin, hard, and easy to age, and the adoption rate is low.


Artificial turf carpet is one of the applications of recreational artificial turf. It has the features of environmental protection, anti-aging, long service life, convenient paving, reasonable price, and easy care. It is used in comparison with other types of carpets in terms of appearance, quality, and effect. And prices and other aspects have their own strengths. Artificial turf carpets are cheaper and more durable than pure wool carpets. They are more suitable for daily use than synthetic fiber carpets. Considering comprehensively, it is a very cost-effective option.


Artificial turf carpet is thick and non-slip, because of its inherent softness and elasticity, especially for families with elderly people and children, it can play a good role in protection and reduce the possibility of falling injuries; while the density of grass fiber is very high The innumerable crevices intertwined play a good sound-absorbing effect and are beneficial to maintaining a quiet environment in the room. The heat insulation performance of the artificial turf carpet can effectively prevent the indoor air-conditioning from leaking out through the ground in the summer. In winter, it can stop coolness from infiltrating and maintain the indoor temperature.


Because the indoor air circulation is far inferior to outdoor venues, and the frequency of direct contact between the turf carpet and the human body is much higher than that of outdoor venues. Therefore, there is a high requirement for the environmental protection of artificial turf carpets. SKYJADE artificial turf carpet safety and environmental protection, advanced equipment, production process specifications, excellent quality, is the first choice for indoor turf carpet.


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