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Whether the rubber particles filled in the artificial turf soccer field are harmful

05.02 2018

We all know that in order to achieve its sports performance, artificial turf on a football field increases the surface elasticity of the lawn and reduces sports injuries, and in order to maintain the erection of the grass, rubber granules must be filled therein. Previously there was an uproar in the nationwide "toxic runway" and its raw materials were rubber particles. Is rubber particle harmful?


In view of the increasing popularity of artificial turf soccer pitches around the world, people are paying more attention to the safety of the venues, and have also put forward higher requirements. The United Nations Environment Department of France conducted a multi-site experiment on the use of used tires as raw materials to extract the rubber particles to verify whether it would cause environmental pollution and human health hazards.


The experiment aimed at an artificial turf soccer field filled with rubber particles. The first is to inspect the water that has passed through the site and discharged, to determine whether it will cause adverse effects on the environment; the second is to detect and analyze the air components above and around the site, especially for the emitting gas of rubber particles for testing.


At the same time, in order to improve the credibility and comprehensiveness of the test data, the conclusion that the rubber particles are harmful is even more convincing. The experimenters selected the three rubber particles most commonly used in the market as experimental samples and filled them into three pieces. Among the artificial turfs, they were placed in some different environments and were used in artificial turf football fields, and unfilled artificial turf was placed for comparison.


In the end, the proposition that the rubber granules filled in the artificial turf soccer field are harmful is tested and proved that the rubber granules do not cause pollution to the environment and do not harm the human body. The first is that the water discharged from the artificial turf filled with rubber particles is not affected by the water quality and is safe to the environment; secondly, it is emitted from artificial turf and rubber granules both indoors and outdoors. The gas emitted will not cause damage to the human body.


Even the rubber particles produced for the recycling of used tires can meet safe use standards through scientific and standardized treatment. Artificial turf is harmless, and its filled rubber particles are also harmless. It is suitable for paving all kinds of football fields in schools, clubs, streets, lanes, indoor and outdoor areas, but it must be emphasized that the harmless prerequisite is quality It must be strictly controlled.

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