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Proper maintenance and maintenance to increase the life of the artificial turf

05.09 2018

Artificial turf is similar in appearance and performance to real grass. It is wear-resistant, UV-resistant, anti-aging, and easy to maintain. However, due to its wide application, outdoor venues, long-term sun and rain, frequent use of people, high frequency, and complex and diverse environments, it will inevitably cause some effects on artificial turf. Therefore, there are still some issues that need attention in use.


Artificial turf maintenance principle 1: Keep artificial turf clean.

Under normal circumstances, all kinds of dust in the air do not need to be deliberately cleaned, and natural rain can play a role in washing. However, as an athletic field, such an ideal state is rare, so it is necessary to promptly clean up various residues on the turf, such as skin confetti, fruits, and drinks. Lightweight trash can be solved with a vacuum cleaner. Larger ones are removed with a brush. The treatment of stains requires the use of a liquid formulation of the corresponding composition, and rapid flushing with water, but do not use cleaners at will.


Artificial turf maintenance principle 2: fireworks will cause turf damage and safety hazards

Although most of the artificial turfs nowadays have flame-retardant functions, they will inevitably encounter poorly-performing sites with hidden safety hazards; while artificial turfs will not burn when contacted with fire sources, there is no doubt that the temperature is too high. It is an open flame that will melt the grass and cause damage to the site. If you encounter the situation where the tip of the straw is melted into a hard spot by the cigarette butt, you can use a scrub brush to force it to fall off.


Artificial turf maintenance principle 3: The pressure within the unit area should be controlled.

There is no traffic on the artificial turf grounds, and parking is not allowed or stacked. Artificial turf has its own uprightness and resilience, but the weight of its burden is too heavy or too long, it will also smash the grass. Artificial turf pitches cannot be used for sports such as javelin throws that require the use of sharp sports equipment; football matches can not wear spiked shoes, and can be replaced with studded spiked shoes; high-heeled shoes are also not allowed to enter the field.


Artificial turf maintenance principle four: control the frequency of use

Although artificial turf can be used at a high frequency, it cannot sustain high-intensity exercise without limit. Depending on the use situation, especially after intense sports, the venue still needs a certain amount of rest time. For example, no more than four regular games for artificial turf pitches will be held in a week.


Adhering to these precautions in daily use can, on the one hand, keep the motion function of the artificial turf field in a better state, and on the other hand, it can effectively increase its service life. In addition, when the frequency of use is low, the entire site can be inspected. Although most of the problems encountered are minor injuries, timely repair can prevent the problem from expanding.

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