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Indoor lawn, restore a green spring for you indoors

05.15 2018

Being close to nature seems to be a natural instinct for human beings. When we see green, we can feel happy. However, in a busy city, people rarely have leisure time fleeing into the embrace of nature to find a peaceful place. Then we had indoor lawns, green, soft, and naturally indoor lawns, and we sent nature to your feet.


A green indoor spring. You are fascinated by your own dreams, and start planning the piece of grass in your heart: Do you need to put a thick layer of soil on the floor? Then your lawn needs to be watered and you have to drench them; so you have to start thinking about waterproofing and drainage; you also need to fertilize them; then you think about headaches and pest problems; law……


You are extremely frustrated. You feel that your dream is about to be born just before you die. You are not willing to climb on the network, and soon you will know that there are artificial carpets that can completely eliminate the need for all the above issues.


If the indoor lawn is in your home. Isn't that a wonderful green lawn rug? You can step barefoot on it, and the foot is full of comfort and softness; you can lie down and read a book or listen to music, the soothing mood seems to fly; you sleep on it for a nap, and then you wake up, eyes are eyeful Green, in a moment you thought you were lying in the wilderness of the grass.


If the indoor lawn is in your workroom. You looked at the computer desktop eye protection you just set up. They are dark green, green, green, green, light green... fresh green plants, and the colors of nature are always rich Imagine. Now that the green indoor lawn is all around you, your eyes and hearts are generally pleasant.


If the indoor lawn is in kindergarten. The artificial turf will be transformed into colorful rainbow grasses. It is a fairytale fairy tale world where children run, tumbling, jumping, playing and resting. They will laugh happily. Kindergarten lawns are different from ordinary lawns. On the basis of environmental protection and safety, they are denser, softer, and less vulnerable to injury.


As for indoor sports venues, they are home to artificial indoor lawns. Whether it is a football field, a gateball court, a basketball court, a volleyball court, a tennis court or other sports venues, although their requirements for sports performance are different, artificial turfs also have detailed classifications that not only meet different needs, Its excellent protection features, environmental protection, and durability make it an ideal choice for indoor sports venues.


The indoor lawn is suitable for almost all indoor places. It can inhibit bacteria, dust, absorb sound, reduce noise, green living environment, and bring people a comfortable and comfortable spiritual experience. If you like it, you can even put it on the wall and decorate it according to your preferences and design unique graphics. It is also a very interesting experience.

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