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Sports artificial turf classification

05.22 2018

Different sports require different performances for the sports performance of the venue. So there are different models of sports artificial turf. There is a wear-resistant soccer artificial turf for football, a golf artificial green for the non-directional rolling of golf, and a tennis artificial turf for the bouncing performance of tennis.

Sports and people's lives are closely linked. The benefits of sports are increasingly rooted in the hearts of people. Exercise for one hour a day and live a healthy life. For adolescents, proper exercise can train adolescents' physical fitness; for adults, exercise can be properly relieved and relaxed.


Common sports such as football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball, badminton, etc. The increase in various types of sports activities has caused the public to have corresponding requirements for sports venue facilities. As people experience the sport, they also pursue the sports field and the surrounding ecological environment.


Therefore, in order to better develop and implement sports programs, sports ground paving uses a sports artificial turf with environmental protection and green functions. Sports artificial turf is mainly produced for sports performance. The sports performance includes bounce, friction, and resilience.


The artificial turf on the sports ground reduces the friction between the ball and the lawn, the friction between the soles of the athletes and the lawn, etc. The artificial turf is soft and has sufficient space for take-off; for the sports venues, the social audience pays attention not only to the turf material but also to the sports turf price.


Taking the artificial turf on the football field as an example, SKYJADE Sports Series artificial turf has three price ranges of special series, main sales series and high-end series, which allows more Chinese sports venues to be paved with quality artificial turf.


Sports special soccer artificial turf series, grass silk form is mainly two kinds of mesh and monofilament; the main selling soccer artificial turf series, there are two major categories, one is the use of ordinary imported materials and specially imported materials, the other is Artificial straw has a high number of special points; the third and middle high-end series have great demands on the quality of artificial turf.


SKYJADE Sports Lawn also includes other types of sports lawns, as well as multi-purpose lawns that can adapt to tennis, volleyball, and other venues. At the same time, there are special runway artificial lawns.

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