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Laying kindergarten playgrounds with safe and comfortable artificial grass to keep children healthy and happy

05.29 2018

A kindergarten playground is an important place for children to learn and play. We hope that the kindergarten playground is beautiful and interesting, but we hope that it is safe and harmless. It also has beautiful interior and environmental protection. It should be the basic principle for kindergarten playground selection. SKYJADE Kindergarten Rainbow Grass Series is safe, environmentally friendly, colorful, and soft to the touch, making it ideal for kindergarten playgrounds.


The child is the heart of the parents. Kindergarten is the first journey of the child's understanding of the world. The responsibility of the parents is to find a kindergarten that meets the requirements for the children. To date, we have seen from time to time that some kindergartens use unqualified materials to renovate the venues and have a lot of odors and hidden health problems. This is worrying. The responsibility of kindergartens is to provide a warm and trustworthy environment for many children. This includes a safe and harmless kindergarten playground.


SKYJADE artificial grass one is the use of the highest domestic brands in China Petroleum Sinopec Zhenhai Yangtze main ingredient. Most of the auxiliary additives such as antibacterial, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, fire-retardant particles, master batch and so on are also imported from abroad. All environmental protection and reliable sources ensure the environmental protection of artificial grass and also ensure the environmental protection of kindergarten playgrounds constructed with artificial grass.


The high purity of the high-quality raw materials will make the artificial grass weave more beautiful and natural gloss. Children all like the contrast of bright colors. The Rainbow Flower of Witten Kindergarten, as the name implies, can not only show the multiple green colors of the nature you have seen but also interpret the colorful colors of the rainbow, yellow and red. Blue, green, etc. are colorful springs. It is a bright and beautiful summer. It has built a dream fairyland for children on the kindergarten playground.


Lively, playful, and playful are children's instincts, and falling in the playground of the kindergarten is inevitable. We have no reason to stop children from playing freely on the playground because we are afraid of them, but we can choose to use the artificial grass that is made of softer materials, more comfortable touches, better shock absorption, and better protection to equip the playground. They can run, roll, play, laugh and fully enjoy childhood fun here.


    Choosing high-quality artificial grass to lay kindergarten playgrounds may not be cheap. However, the preparatory work for laying a turf is simple, the laying process is not complicated, and the maintenance is even more painstaking. The shelf life of artificial turf is generally 6-10 years, and the service life is even more than ten years. Considering the cost is not high, it is suitable for popularization in most kindergartens.

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