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Paradise U

Skyjade landscaping artificial grass is designed not only look like natural grass, but extremely safe and environment-friendly. Adopting the most advanced technology available, our products are high UV resistant, lead-free and 100% recycle, yet provide the best value for your money.


U Shape- Beautiful Appearance, More Comfortable and Upright, Excellent Abrasion Resilience and Anti-Skid.

Knitted straight and curly yarns together by special production technique to limitate the natural grass with multicolor which makes the grass more upright, excellent abrasion resistance, suitable for high frequency usage. The twisted yarn enhances the performance of rebound resilient and anti-skid, touching more soft and comfortable. Suitable for indoor and outdoor leisure areas, landscaping, kindergarten, exhibition hall, and playground etc.


 Paradise U
BackingDouble pp+net+Latex / PU
Roll Width2m/4m/4.57m/5m6.5feet/13.1feet/15feet/16.4feet
Roll Length25m or customized82.02feet or customized
ColorStraight YarnDark Green + Lime Green
Curly YarnApple Green
Color FastnessDIN 54004 7 grade
Water Permeability1800L/hour/m²
UV- Stability DIN 53387 ≥6000 hr 

ISO9001/ISO14001/Intertional PONY Test Report/

IST Test Report / Labsport Test Report / ISA Test Rept

Application     Residential, commercial, pets, sports

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